Company Manifesto

Core Values

KFT International, the parent company of Kita Purse, is founded on three core values:
1. Kindness
2. Faith
3. Tenacity

The leadership of KFT International takes these core values very seriously and endeavors to conduct business in a way that others tangibly feel kindness, are inspired in their faith, and are encouraged to live tenaciously.

Business Ethics 

These are seven commands that our company operates under. Our desire is to do business with excellence seeking always to love God and love people. The rest of our seven commands are practical ways we seek to accomplish this.

1. Love God
2. Love People
3. Love Yourself
4. Reach Out
5. Stay Strong
6. Be Brave
7. Give All

Our Company Mission 

To leave a tangible impact in the United States and every country we do business with through excellent, ethical, and God-fearing business practices.