About Alyssa

As an undergraduate, Alyssa is pursuing a BBA degree in Entrepreneurship and Pre-Medical Studies at Baylor University in Waco, Texas.

Alyssa holds four core values very close to her heart that impact every area of her life.

These values are:

1. Love

2. Family

3. Truth

4. Childlikeness.

Alyssa first discovered these values on a walk in April of 2021. Frustrated with her academic performance and overwhelmed with the tension she felt in her personal priorities, Alyssa brought the matter before God in prayer, when he asked her this question: "Alyssa, what are your core values?" Unsure, Alyssa began this dialogue with the Holy Spirit, where they narrowed down these four values together. During this conversation, the Holy Spirit showed Alyssa that the reason she felt pressure and a lack of success was because she was allowing other people and their core values to dictate her standards of success in these areas. Instead, the Holy Spirit urged her to allow her definition of success to be rooted in the fulfillment of these values.

Since then, Alyssa has allowed these values to shape what she decides to set her hands to, as well as provide language for the culture she hopes to create in every sector of life.

Outside of school and business, Alyssa enjoys many hobbies and spending time with family and friends. Since a young child, Alyssa has been a dreamer with eclectic aspirations that range from professional surfing to Olympic swimming, rocket science, marine biology, and architecture, to name a few. Alyssa enjoys learning and is invigorated by formidable opportunities to grow. Some of Alyssa's favorite things to do include painting, running triathlons, singing, gardening, taking care of her chickens, exploring nature, thinking, solving puzzles, traveling, laughing, and playing games.

Above all, Alyssa is passionate about knowing Jesus and longs for her legacy to be one filled with tangible expressions of the love of God.

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